Almond Fintech

Envisioning and Designing A Startup FinTech Web and App Experience

Our Roles

  • UX/UI Designers

  • Satisfied all of the clients’ and stakeholders’ feature requests

  • 120% Client Satisfaction


  • Amanda Rheade - Project Manager

  • Diego Martinez - UX/UI Designer

  • Nicole Levy - UX/UI Designer

  • Ezekiel Gavieres - UX/UI Designer

  • Sam Kwok - UX/UI Designer


Timeline: 5 months

  • Deliverables: Functional Prototype of MVP
    (Minimum Viable Product)

  • Tools: Figma, Clickup, Slack, Google Meets

  • Target Device: Web (Desktop and Android),
    Mobile App (Offline capabilities)

Who are the users?

This audience has several users:
  • The Agent

  • The Admin

  • The Customer

The experiences for each user are unique, following three different access levels. Admins have full access, including repositories of information, while agents only have access to the customer database, where they can create profiles for customers. On the customer’s level, they can only access the questionnaire experience that is isolated from the rest of the application to mitigate risk and prying eyes.

Creating Clear Paths

Creating Clear Paths

Creating Clear Paths

We created a high-level flow chart to touch every single base for all audiences, and the team created flow charts for all the other sections.

This allowed us to fully understand all of the steps to go through from start to finish.

Check Out This Video Demo

Check Out This Video Demo

Discovery and Evolution

Almond is a startup. Like all startups, the business is always learning at an exponential rate while being developed.

While the research team was traveling in Asia, interviewing the audience, it was discovered that not all institutions had readily available or reliable internet. Most of the rural towns in developing countries lacked the technology and in some instances, literacy. Learning this, we simplified the copywriting to make it universally accessible, accounting for hundreds of languages in the APAC time zones, and made sure the web app was translatable to a downloadable application. This ensured that clients in those recently discovered regions could download and use the app locally and easily.

The reason we wanted the mobile application to be a 1 to 1 experience is so that agents and admins can use multiple devices interchangeably without needing to relearn the whole experience.

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