Resolute LLC

Developing A Flexible Business Consultant
Website For Lead Generation

Our Roles

  • Product Designers (End to end)

  • Satisfied all of clients feature requests

  • 110% Client Satisfaction


  • Ezekiel Gavieres - Product Designer

  • Sam Kwok - Product Designer


Timeline: 3 months

  • Deliverables: Functional and Responsive Website, Testing, Implementation, Customized Website Updating Guidebook

  • Tools: Figma, InDesign, Illustrator

  • Target Device: Web (Desktop and mobile)

Who are some of the Visitors?

Businesses and Corporations

Resolute’s main clientele revolves around businesses in this thriving market. They focus on business development, strategy building, and other services such as cost control, project estimation, and management.

Professionals and New Talent

Seasoned professionals looking for new career challenges and fresh talent off the graduation stage. There is a dedicated page for open opportunities for people to apply.

What’s The Problem?

What was the reason for a new website?

What was the reason for a new website?

The site owner lost access to his previous website and was unable to reach his previous web designer for help. Above all else, the website was offline and out of commission. Without access to the web hosting platform and being unable to reach his previous web designer, I aimed to help completely create a modernized, functional, and intuitive website from scratch.

Our Client's Needs

1. Researching The Scope

Due to the website not working at the time and with limited information to work with, we needed to find a way to research and develop the new site. We used an internet archive called ‘Way Back Machine’ to record the existing website copy and define the project scope.

Data Extraction: This is the information we’ve successfully extracted while doing scope research with “Way Back Machine.” Though not as profound as we’d like it to be, the ideal information available is what we used to determine the size of the project.

2. Visually Understanding Resolute

To enhance the visitor's visual experience, we've incorporated an engaging background video that seamlessly begins playing upon arrival. Our discovery interview with Ari allowed me to gain insight into his vision for the video's content. Subsequently, we meticulously crafted a one-minute, silent video that vividly portrays Resolute's niche. Moreover, the background video dynamically adjusts its presentation based on the viewer's device, ensuring an optimal viewing experience across all platforms.

3. Educating Visitors

As Experience Designers, we’ve made learning about Resolute and its services extremely accessible by providing organized descriptions and icons to visually enhance the services offered.

4. Getting In Touch

Throughout the website, we’ve sprinkled CTA (Call To Action) buttons to encourage lead generation. This would allow businesses and talent a variety of ways to contact the business owner. With required and optional fields, Ari is able to capture necessary information without forcing potential clients to spend too much time filling in the boxes, thus decreasing the bounce rate.

5. Designing and Building

Once we determined the size of the project, we started to design the website. The website was predominantly a lead generation site where people needed to contact Ari for a custom plan of action and where candidates could apply for jobs.

We modernized Resolute’s existing logo by simplifying it as a vector and removing its old gradient design for a cleaner look and feel.

We created a simple website with parallax scrolling for Resolute and a dedicated career page.

Now Live!

Check Out The Live Site!

Check Out The Live Site!

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